❤️??Italy ??❤️

I’ve come home with so many happy memories of Italy!  One of my favourite occupations is browsing the shops- not the big branded stores, but the small, unique emporiums where you are bound to find something different, quirky and new.

I adored this cuckoo clock, for instance, though resisted the urge to buy it and then have to work out how to pack it in to my squishy hand luggage!

I can’t resist showing you another pic of my special friend ? he was just so unbelievably cute

And I couldn’t finish up without at least one more pic of that fabulous beach!

Late September is a fantastic time to visit Italy, as the crowds have left and the resorts are winding down at the end of the season, but whatever time of year Italy will always be special for me.

Wishing you happy times in your special place wherever that might be.

Love Susan xx


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