A blog in several parts…

My intention had been to document One Saturday in the life of SS, BUT I soon realised – round about breakfast time – that this would require a War and Peace length Blog. And you defo wouldn’t want to accompany me when I had my flu jab – though coffee with the Sailor and lunch in the sublime surroundings of a friend’s house, would only make me miss the Sailor and spend the rest of the weekend trying and failing to smarten up my house!

So here’s a couple of pics to take you through the first couple of hours – walking Betty in my PJ’s at dawn – I thought you could be spared, so we’ll start right in with breakfast and some of the other living things I share my home with.

Yep. i really do love ‘bird seed’ as DH calls is, and natural yoguhurt with whatever fruit I have to hand chopped up and thrown in with a handful of walnuts. I’m a big fruit and veg person. And cheese. And chocolate. And cake – but that’s another story…especially as my friend gave me a sack – yep – quite literally a sack – of the most fabulous baking apples. Look out for recipes coming soon 🙂

Is there anyone else out there who can never bear to throw out a plant?

The one in the background of this shot was about 8 inches high when I took charge of it. Now it’s more like ‘Day of the Triffids’!

Here are some more of my non-vocal companions…


 I have another row of orphans in the utility room.

* And here’s my tip for keeping your plants alive and happy while you’re away. Fill a bowl or a sink with newspaper that is completely soaked through. Then rest your plants on this. (make sure there is a hole in the bottom of the pot so they can suck up water.) Make sure they are not in direct sunlight while you’re away. They can take some shade.*

Join me tomorrow for the, um, beauty props SS cannot do without! Don’t raise your hopes too high – bed-socks and flanelette pajamas figure large 😜

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Love Susan xx



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