Ahead of the game

Note the cheery face pic – to convince me and you, that I can do this!!!! *see below*

Ahead of the game? Yes. For once! And only because I’m way behind! ?

I’m writing this on Sunday night to post on Monday morning, only because I don’t want to my wonderful reader friends down, and I’ve promised my editor that my book will definitely be in on Wednesday, though I still have a scene and an Epilogue to write. The tight timing means no going back and angsting over every comma, capital letter, and use of words. The story’s down. The words are – more or less, I hope – in the right order, and I need to stand back and let go.

But that ain’t easy!

The hardest thing in the world for me is pressing ‘Send’ on a book, because I know if I read it through just one more time, I could maybe add this or perhaps a little more of that. What I still have to get through my head after writing umpteen books, is that those ‘other’ words can be used to good effect in another book – and the sooner I very reluctantly pass the characters I love over to the care of my editor, the sooner I can write that exciting new story blazing a trail in my head.

Writing has certain similarities to an artist painting on canvas – you have to know when the last brushstroke has been laid down, and then stand back and allow your ‘baby’ (book or painting) to go out into the world to be judged by everyone else.

So, yes, I need to be organised in the next couple of days. And as it’s half term I have grannie duties also, which I love. Write a list, Susan!

Let’s all stride in to this new week feeling buoyed up, energetic, and absolutely optimistic.  I’ll feel a lot better, just knowing we’re all in this  together, whatever the tasks that lie ahead of us might be. ???

So – no time for that stiff gin tonight – just a read of my new Jean Plaidy, book 8 in the Georgian series, Indiscretions of the Queen, and then it’s off to sleep for me, so I can wake up really early and start working at the crack of dawn.


I hope you all have a fabulous week- far better in every way than you expect❣️

Love to all,

Susab xx

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