Brass monkeys!

So today I step under the shower and it’s freezing!

A trip to the boiler in the garage tells me we have an electrical fault that cannot be mended with a simple lever adjustment – thanks to the magnificent Wayne for advice, and to Mr S for wise counsel from Paris. Yes, dear, I have my thermals on! (it’s always tough love in this family)

Meanwhile, preparations have been made, both an emergency call out and the old log fire and kindling standing ready (Just don’t snow.) 

When I think back to chipping ice off the inside of the bathroom window when I was a child, 🎻🎻🎻 this slight hiccup seems quite mild. And back then, ( in the dark ages), not everyone had a bathroom, so I think we’ll get along here with an extra layer and a few hooch-spiked mince pies to warm us up 😜

Stay warm, safe, and happy!


Susan xxx

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