Comfort over fashion

Flat out on the floor to do up my jeans? Yep. I used to do that. Mini-skirts in dead of winter? I once wore the top half of a suit without the trousers. Payback? I spent years of my miss-spent youth suffering from cold-induced cystitis.

Here’s a pic from the archives- my first summer break from the Royal College of Music, where I studied piano and classical singing. Aged 17 I landed a job in Summer Season, which opened my eyes to an entirely different world of showbusiness. Steep learning curve? You could say that. I couldn’t possibly comment😉

My first experience of theatrical digs (and leaving home) was to be my first in a long line of wonderful adventures. I turned up neatly dressed in a suit and low heel shoes to have the door opened by a man in a leopardskin catsuit with smudged make-up left over from his act the night before. This most wonderful landlady opened my 17 year old eyes to the rich diversity in our world, which is why I embrace every variation on a theme – to quote my musical background- with the utmost open-mindedness and enthusiasm.

You’re right! There has to be a book at some point…

Now it’s all about comfort and Clinique moisturiser, which also happens to be the only face cream I’m not allergic to.

Oh, and bedsocks and a comfy bed.

And there’s one last thing…

My ‘I can’t live without this’ item on my dressing table

My curly-wurly heated hairbrush❣️

Go forth and curly-wurl,  ladies!!

Wishing you comfort, good health, a happy life with those you love, and contentment,


Susan xx

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