Dolphin and GOT

OK I’ll admit it. I am totally addicted to Game of Thrones. But…how can anyone watch four series in a week? I’m really not quite sure. Shhh…Please don’t tell a soul – I wouldn’t like my editor to find out!!!

I’m going to post some fabulous Dolphin pics taken in one of my all-time favourite places, Florida, where I was lucky enough to stay for a month one year not so long ago.

These are in answer to a request from Melissa, who lives in Florida. Please don’t be shy – if you have any topics you would like me to feature I’m always happy to try to oblige 🙂

We were just so lucky to see these wonderful animals in the wild, and to spend time in beautiful Florida in February, which must be one of the best months to visit this fascinating State. Here’s to the next time! And thanks as always to my readers for being you, and for living in such truly amazing places xx

Love to you all,


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