I have the best job in the world. When I was a little girl, when I wasn’t playing the piano or reading, I would sit in my favourite chair and dream. My dreams usually involved horses, and palominos were my absolute favourite. Of course, I would be galloping across green meadows on these fabulous creatures – when I wasn’t flying on Pegasus across the city under a night sky of stars and a lantern moon…

The closest I came to these fabulous creatures was my once weekly riding lesson on old hacks, but I loved them just the same, and couldn’t bear to dismount at the end of the lesson so I used to ride them right into the stable block.

Dreams don’t leave us, unless we drive them away, or neglect them. I write about polo players now, and envy them their wonderful mounts as if they were real animals.

Never lose your dreams. I didn’t get to own a palomino or ride on Pegasus, but my dream gains strength each time I write about the horses I love and the men who ride them. There’s nothing manufactured about my passion. It runs through me like letters through a stick of rock, and I express it as passionately as I can.

Follow your dreams and accept that they won’t always follow the path you expect. Just hold on to them, and keep them close to your heart.

Love from one dreamer to all the other dreamers out there,

Susan xx



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