Happy memories, sad thoughts

I was a bit thrown – hence no Blog, by the news that an author I admired and was very fond of, as well as totally in awe of, had died this past week.

Sara Craven was a name I recognised instantly amongst a bunch of books I took home from my very first meeting and welcome at Head Office, which at the time was in Richmond. Several authors really stood out in that collection, and Sara Craven had me hooked into her story from page 1, so that by the time my train had reached its station, I was more of a confirmed fan than ever.

At an author’s lunch at the Savoy hotel in London I was utterly amazed to read the place name on the table setting next to me. And managed to goof totally by challenging my table neighbour – no doubt in a hoarse, quavering tone: ‘Are you the Sara Craven?’

Annie took this well. Being both a great wit, and fairly tolerant, she was infinitely kind to the newbie sitting next to her, and it was only later I learned that Sara Craven, whom I rate amongst the greats of Mills & Boon, was as modest as she was gifted and had no time for flattery. I’m still thankful she forgave me for my awkwardness and went out of her way to make me feel welcome, both on that occasion and every time we met in the future- though she did tease me about being the Sara Craven on numerous occasions, which made me warm to this great author even more!

I shall miss Annie dreadfully- her wonderful books, pungent wit, her keen intelligence and  kindness, and above all, her care for us, Sara Craven’s readers, for whom she created such wonderful stories.

Love to you all,

Susan xx

5 thoughts on “Happy memories, sad thoughts

  1. Sending love and hugs Susan. She will be greatly missed, but we do have her wonderful books.

    I was the same when I met you and Carole, I was definitely star struck.

  2. I still own books by Sara Craven. She had me hooked by the first page of the first book of hers I read. Prayers and thoughts are with her family and friends at this time of loss and sorrow.

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