It’s a kind of magic

What is?

‘Why, the magic book, Toto.’

(don’t even ask how my brain works!)

Anyway, as Dorothy would know, with or without her magic 👠’s, SS can’t work without the magic book.


What is this miraculous tome, you may ask

Let’s take a closer look… but not too close, because that might frighten both of us!

The hieroglyphics on the left show my progress through the day, while the right hand page shows my chapter length.

I need this to know which of several documents I’m working on, and to reassure me that I start work on the correct one each day.

if my ed should be reading this, I hope she’s reassured that I should hit deadline- if I don’t hit a wall first 😜

Thats my – maybe not so unexpected- fact for today. What’s yours?

Love to all

Susan xx

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