I’ve missed you!


Viva Italia!


Twice a year I go away with two lifelong friends for three nights. I used to take my laptop so I could work from 3am until they woke up, but then I realised that this was not only rude to my friends – face in plate, snoring by lunchtime – but also doing me no favours, so now I leave the laptop at home and force myself to unwind. (not 100% sure that makes sense lol! – forced unwinding, I mean!!!)

And yes, those bikes are as heavy as they look, and no, I am not sporty. My explanation to my very concerned family back home whenever they asked if I’d ‘fallen off yet’, was ‘so far, so wobbly’.  I only wish there had been someone around to take a video and then we could all have had a good laugh!

There is a distinct theme to my ‘happy’ places. I have never lived by the sea, but am drawn to the ocean – no surprise when the beach is as fabulous as this!

I prefer to swim in a pool where I can see what’s below me, so paddling’s my thing!

I think it’s time I had a hero and heroine running through the surf, then diving headlong into the waves like dolphins where all sorts of aquatic capers can take place 😉

Viva romance! ❤️❤️❤️ I had the most fabulous time with my friends, as we always do, (mostly laughing the entire time- on occasion at me needing the entire highway to weave along!) but I’m so glad to be back with you and writing❣️

Love to all,

Susan xx


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