Managing expectations

As already mentioned , I was destined to marry a prince who would ride into my life on a white stallion. (I was always something of a dreamer)

Actually, I did better, I married my very own hero, a hot, tough alpha-maximus. Talk about a rock to kick against! Between us, we broke down every door in our first house. And okay, that sort of passionate relationship wouldn’t suit everyone – and indeed, we’re more likely to be found reading to each other these days, but my sweetheart is a man of principle and strength, who makes me laugh in the best possible way, and who gave me his heart in exchange for mine. Fair deal, and one that is entering its fortieth year.

❤️Shared goals, shared principles, shared beliefs. Corny, maybe, but true.❤️

But, like many of us, I had to kiss a lot of frogs along the way…

Okay, glamorous frogs mostly, but still frogs ? ?

Which brings me to my point: set your expectations higher than reasonable. Why not shoot for the stars?

Remember that what might seem to be the end of the road when you hold that coveted contract in your hand is actually just the start of an exciting adventure that will take dedication and long, long hours of work. So don’t waste a minute of that time staring over your shoulder to see how everyone else is doing. Concentrate on your work and being true to yourself. There will always be someone more successful who writes faster, and who reaches higher up the charts, but you are the one and only you, so believe in yourself and what you have to offer. That’s what the reader wants to read: your unique writing voice and your ability to tell a thoroughly engaging story your way.

Go forth with sincerity, joy and optimism to find your prince, your contract, your happy ever after ending.

Love to you all, Susan xx



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