Mincepies and Mayhem!

Yes, I believe in letting my guests know what they’re in for when they arrive for a Christmas party, so Mincepie-making season is in full swing. (I did promise ‘hard liquor’ to wash them down, which probably accounts for acceptances to my invitations arriving so promptly! And will no doubt account for any ensuing mayhem at the party!)

I’m not too keen on bought mincemeat – too sweet – so I add a good slug of brandy, a grated cooking apple, and a good couple of handfuls of Zante seedless mini currants.

Pastry isn’t a problem as my maternal grandmother was a champion baker. ‘Eeeh, that’s champion’ 😜 All joking apart, pastry has never frightened me – though it may frighten my guests if I don’t get the balance of fat and flour just right – and before you ask – I cook and bake by sight, touch, and smell – if it looks okay and the Aga doesn’t go out, I’m probably all right.

Christmas decorations are creeping out of the cupboard Yes, I know it’s early, but I bought this new thingy – shown below – and I wanted to know if it would hang nicely above the inglenook. Mr S was pressed into action, with the agreement that once it was up it wouldn’t be coming down again until twelfth night. Meanie! So now it looks quite lonely, don’t you think?

I received a mail asking why I write a blog when I could be writing another book…

Because I like to wind down like anyone else, and I like to chat, so usually when Mr S is taking a bath, I Blog. I love chatting to you, my friends. It relaxes me, and I’m happy to share whatever’s going on – within reason, you’ll be relieved to hear – whether that be some writerly thoughts, or how to prevent mincemeat from setting your teeth on edge because it’s too sweet!!

OK – here we go – not pretty, but the pastry is super-light and buttery, and the fruit is juicy and well spiked with hooch. I promise to dust with icing sugar for my guests. I’m going to eat the one I cut into and don’t want the extra sweetness icing sugar brings, so, like so many things on planet-Susan, you’re seeing the naked truth. 😉

Have a great evening! Hope you didn’t expect anything that looks remotely shop bought!!!  I cut them out with two tumblers of different sizes. I did have cutters for a while, but lost them, and water glasses work just fine. Like so many things in life, it’s the taste and the bite that matters…

Love to you all,

Susan xx

2 thoughts on “Mincepies and Mayhem!

  1. I love that you like to chat with us too! I’ve never had a mincepie and I was in England for two weeks. Maybe some day!

    • Nikki!!! You have to have a mince pie!! Mine haven’t seen any real meat, just dried fruit and syrupy stuff- nor have most shop bought mincepies, though I have tried a recipe that used real ground beef. Eurgh! Nuff said!
      And, yes, chatting is fabulous and I wouldn’t miss it. When you think how isolated authors used to be, or indeed, people living alone before the internet made chatting around the world possible 🙂 xxx

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