Monday Motivation

Leap out of bed. Ice-cold shower. 500 press-ups. Sweats on. 3-mile run. Juice a carrot, a celery stick, and a bucket of super-beans…

Or…the truth

Grunt at DH, who is a barrel of laughs in the morning and insists on ‘singing’ at the top of his tuneless, though beloved voice as he catapults out of bed and speeds about, showering, dressing, leaping downstairs to take the Betster for her first walk of the day etc etc etc – before stuffing down an enormous bowl of cereal and fresh fruit.

This is NOT good.

I cannot speak or function until I have staggered out of bed and taken a hot shower in the hope that I can wake up enough to switch off the steaming water at some point. I then dress and get myself organised – a couple of hours later – I stumble downstairs, still not in the mood to talk, grab a mug of builders and some porridge, or yoghurt and fruit, before entering enter the study, where I switch on my computer to start work bang on the hour of 7am. Did I forget to mention that DH is an early riser???

Seriously – here is my breakfast recommendation – and sometimes, like normal people, I just gorge on toast with lashings of butter with either honey, marmalade, or apricot jam – but if I am feeling yoghurty – I have to add berries, walnuts, Marks and Spencer granola and a handful of their muesli – no other brand will do. I can’t make my own, because I can’t, that’s all!  Having recently learned that egg yolk is good for eyes, because it contains lutein, which is supposed to block blue light from reaching the underlying structures in the retina, maybe preventing macular degeneration – I’m on a bit of an egg kick too. Poached eggs are my fave – just crack ’em open and dump in a pan of boiling water with a splash of white wine vinegar. Nothing fancy – no swirling or fretting – just drain, trim off a bit of the boring white stuff, and scoff down 🙂

And here’s something totally guaranteed to wake us up!

You haven’t read Christmas Nights With the Polo Player?  Shame on you LOL!

Or watched the video???

What is the meaning of this?!?! ?

Love to all,

Susan xx

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