Motivation Monday

Don’t let life and duties pile on top of you until you’re tearing your hair out🤦🏼‍♀️. Make a list. (I always say that)  (a desk diary helps too – I find it really helps me to check the written word, rather than believing I will actually read my online calendar.) Ticking things off my list or in my desk diary really helps me and it might help you.  A sense of achievement never hurt anyone.

Unplug. That’s my advice.

Spend time with family and friends. Relax and don’t feel guilty. Then, by the time you gird your loins – or in my case, sink into a glorious romance with a red-hot man, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever life hurls at you. If I take a weekend off and refuse to feel guilty about it, I guarantee I’ll write twice as many words on Monday and on every day thereafter. Come Saturday, I’m ready to to explore what else life has to offer. How else could I come up with new ideas? Relish your free time. Make it count. Show the people you love how precious they are to you, and how spending time with them is the most important thing to you.

Back tomorrow with an unexpected fact. Hmm…at the moment i have no idea what that might be. Could be that I don’t eat offal, unless it’s chopped liver, or maybe the fact that I get my eyebrows dyed because I’m a redhead and they’re blonde, which makes me look like an alien if I leave them untreated. Darn it. Now I’ve spent two facts without coming up with a real goody, and I could have used those. Will have to try and find something really juicy…

Off to mine a fact. 🛵🔎

Love to all 😘😘

Susan x


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