Naughty naughty

Yep. That’s right. I haven’t posted my December updates on the SS web site yet. And I got up this morning to find the sky hadn’t fallen in.

I consider myself disciplined. I work office hours. But if I were employed I would take time off to visit the dentist/doctor/for family reasons/because I’m not too feeling too well, or simply because I want a day off, and take it as an unpaid holiday.

An author with deadlines and responsibilities must sometimes do these things too. Don’t stress about it. Do what you have to do and then make up the work.

When I first arrived all starry-eyed at the Royal College of Music, I remember an older student telling me, ‘just wait until you have to make a living out of your music – you won’t love it so much then!’

He was both right and wrong. I did learn to compete, to speak up, and improve beyond anything I imagined possible, through working like stink and maintaining discipline- which also meant keeping my ear to the ground at all times as I pursued the hunt for opportunity – (head on floor great position for singing, I’m sure you’ll agree ?)

My passion for music – both making it and listening to it, has never faded, nor has my love for writing. But if I stressed about it all the time and put myself under unnecessary pressure, I could see a time when I might think: ‘Why am I doing this?’

I never want to reach that point, and neither should you. So, chill out – and if you do take a day off, enjoy it to the full. I promise you will return refreshed to your writing.

My love to you all,

Susan xx


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