Sunday: Prepare for the week ahead with confidence and vigour. What was I thinking?

Oh, I know – ‘Stiff Gin’ – that was also mentioned!

I slump before you, ‘broken’, as my eldest refers to her children when they are completely and utterly exhausted. Five grandchildren is the most wonderful blessing, but you definitely need the stiff gin at the end of a 2-day visit. Only then, with your eardrums still ringing, can you contemplate the laundry and clear up to come.

But, fear not, I have a reviver for those of you in a similar situation. It’s called hot, raw sex – and it’s safely contained within the pages of a book. Or, in this instance, in a photograph that may give a clue as to why I love writing about men with iron thighs on board a horse.

Enjoy, ladies! This guy was my muse right through the Acosta series and he never let me down.

Love to all,

Susan xx


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