Remind me never to promise pics from a party ever again!

It was fabulous – but hardly time to draw breath, let alone pause to frame up a nice juicy pic 🙂

And the Mince Pie Slayer was in the house – a fact I should have taken heed of. I have one child, who shall remain nameless, who should never be allowed within a mile of a kitchen – but as that child’s intentions are always good, suffice it to say that I barely blinked, mainly because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t leave something in the Aga to be charred to ashes, so I have no room to talk. It’s obviously a family flaw. And I had a spare stash of mince pies hidden away, so no harm done. My guests feasted, music played, and there was just enough snow in the garden for the children to build a snowman. It was just a  great party, and I can see Mincepies and Mayhem becoming an annual event.

Hope your festive activities are full of fun and laughter,

Much love to all,

Susan xx


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