Singing in the rain!


‘WELL! *Scandalised faces* I don’t call that motivating!’

Ah, but being a ‘glass half full’ type, I do 😀

I got home just in time to miss the worst of the rain, and now I can settle down with that large gin we talked about, to plan the week ahead🔮which I intend to spend with a very hot man in his Bedouin tent. Need I say more❣️

The pics I took on my walk today remind me of another series I want to write. 

The countryside isn’t always what we expect it to be, and there are endless possibilities for romance wrapped up in that thought. At the moment we are experiencing a plague of pigeons, and although I may love to see clouds of birds in flight I know they are a real problem for the local farmers. Guns are going off left and right as I speak, meaning poor Betty, who hates the bangs, won’t leave the house.

Hoping to bring you some brighter pics from Wuthering Heights soon!

But if we can’t have sunshine, we can lose ourselves within the cover of a book, or in our imagination with some scorching hot men 💃

Here’s my suggestion for today ❤️❤️❤️


Love to all

Susan xx


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