Tame ‘it’ and ‘that’!

That man!

Curb the use of ‘that‘ unless you need the word to make sense. My ‘that‘ count is always horrendous, and the word is amongst the first things to go when I’m editing.

What is ‘that‘? I always want to know when I’m reading.  Describe your ‘that!!!! Take every chance you get to enhance your descriptions a little more each time.

And as for ‘it’… what is ‘it‘???? Describe!!!! I want to know what ‘it‘ is when I read a book -find a new way to describe ‘it‘. Add some additional facets to your ‘it‘ and watch your story leap into vivid colour. Don’t waste a word. Illuminate and describe, especially in series fiction where the word count is tight, and every word must carry the story along, or it doesn’t belong. Choose your words with care. Remember each word carries its own particular weight.


Having said that – write bold and free – and only pick up your ‘its‘ and expand your prose, if and when you feel the need in the final edit. Don’t fuss about wasting time that could be better used finishing the book and starting another.

And that’s my lecture over for today!

It’s free! 😉

Christmas Tsar

Grab a Tsar

Love you all. Now get writing!

Susan xx


3 thoughts on “Tame ‘it’ and ‘that’!

  1. Thank you Susan, sometimes I get very lazy when writing my reviews. So from now on I will try not to use those words.

    Your holiday pics looked amazing, I’m glad you was able to totally wind down. XX

    • I’m sure they’re more than okay in ‘normal speak’, which is exactly what a review is – and yours’ are excellent. Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s just when writing to a specific word count that it really helps to look at words that could be cut without compromising the meaning of the writing. And every time I read ‘it’ in a novel I want to know more about ‘it’ lol! But that’s just me!!! xx

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