Where to start. When to start. And when to pack it in and start again.

📕 Today I made the classic mistake of rushing headlong into the next book. Yes, the idea is clear in my head, but instead of introducing my red-hot hero on page 1, I chose to begin with a passage of introspection, courtesy of a bit-part character called Tom.

👨🏻‍🍳 Not Tadj, the impossibly red-hot, powerful and wealthy ruler of Qalala, but Tom, a restaurant manager. Tom would have done very well if I wrote beta male heroes, but for Modern/Presents/Sexy, poor Tom was way off base.

🚦So it’s not just the first line that’s so crucial, but where you start your book, and the character/s you bring into that first shot. Start somewhere exciting! Lights! Camera! Action! You’re the director. Dive into that shot to observe, then report the first of many dramas as it plays out. And get your hero on the page as fast as you can, so we can all enjoy him!

Don’t panic. I know when I’m beat and spent the rest of the day cleaning my study! Tomorrow I’ll start again in the right place, and with the hero I’m aching to write about centre stage!

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Good luck! And enjoy!

Love to all,

Susan xx

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