Yorkshire breathing

Ay’ ‘oop!

Greetings one and all ?

I can’t shift this cold (if i were a man it would be a bad case of ‘flu) so, adding to my host of ‘cold’ cures, I am now clearing my lungs in the most effective way I know. (this may not work for you if you live in a heavily polluted area – but ‘oop here where it’s just me and the cows, it works a treat.

When I was a professional singer and breath control was all-important I would breathe in for a slow count of 3 through my nose, then hold – though not at the back of the throat – use that diaphragm – for a slow count of 3, and then exhale for a slow count of 3 through my mouth. Repeat for a good few minutes. Now because I’m a romantic novelist, I feel gestures are required…?

Seriously, this is an accepted way of improving health in some parts of the world (now including the Yorkshire moors!)

Here I go, pushing all the bad stuff out for a slow count of three

And here I am, bringing in all that bracing air for a slow count of three

Does it work?

So far, so sneezeless!

Love to all❣️

Susan xx

PS – my hair only looks decent because I’m off to the hairdressers – I don’t want Rachael thinking I don’t appreciate her stirling efforts to keep me looking spic and span.

I look like this every morning when I sit down to work at my computer, Rachael. Honest!!!!

Um, things appear to have gone severely downhill where the hair situ is concerned…









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