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second chances. first love.

SECOND CHANCES. FIRST LOVE. – Ladies Club Boxed Set 1
4 steamy holiday novellas.

By Susan Stephens

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The Ladies Club...

Women who deserve respect, and are determined to fight for that right.

Real men don't abuse women; they don't intimidate them, or try to bully them to their point of view.

Vengeance is self-determination and a good man.

Jane's story
Jewel's story
Miranda's story
Bonus story... Christmas with the Billionaire

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brazilian's nine month notice
Book 3: Hot Brazilian Nights

By Susan Stephens

Carrying her Brazilian boss's baby!

For chambermaid Emma Fane, her best friend's winter wedding promises to be the perfect distraction for her troubles. Until, heart racing, she spies Lucas Marcelos—infamous lothario and father to her unborn child!

Lucas may have lost his head over innocent, spirited Emma for one glorious night, but he won't lose his heir! He lures her away from snowy Scotland back to sultry Brazil. But Emma is no man's mistress. It only took one night to change their lives, now they have nine months to face the consequences…

A passionate read for Christmas nights!

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the bride wore red at the ladies club

By Susan Stephens

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6 friends. 6 unfulfilling home lives. 1 solution: The Ladies Club.

Vacant luxury time-share units at the golf club provide the perfect setting for stress-busting activities with red-hot men for Jane and her friends, Jewel, Tracey, Arabella, Miranda, and Veronica.

Follow the sex-starved six, and what starts out as astrological hocus pocus - they think, until their cosmic adventures start to change their lives.

Arabella has lived a privileged and sheltered life, but longs for adventure, and most of all Arabella longs for friendship and acceptance. Her bullying husband makes fun of her all the time, prompting Arabella to admit to the girls in the Ladies Club that it’s no wonder he mocks her when she has ‘doubled in size’ since she got married.

The girls hate the way Arabella’s husband has made her feel about herself and are determined to restore her self-confidence, so they book her a date with a young ‘hot-for-it’ stud. With more sex than she can handle, and friendship from the girls, at long last Arabella finds what she has been looking for, and Hot-For-It is more than happy too.

Warning: readers 18 and above. Explicit language and sex.

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christmas nights at the ladies club Valentine's Night at the Ladies Club hot spring nights at the ladies club
Jane's Story : Jewel's Story : Miranda's Story
Christmas Nights at the Ladies Club : Valentine's Night at the Ladies Club : Hot Spring Nights At The Ladies Club


coming soon

back in the brazilian's bed
The 4th and last book in the Hot Brazilian Nights series

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