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When investigative journalist Amber Smith is tasked with discovering the truth behind the Blood and Thunder polo team, she doesn't expect to fall in love with an undercover billionaire...

Landing a job as crew on the superyacht Russian Thunder brings Amber to the attention of the superyacht's owner and founder of the Blood and Thunder polo team, Alexei Riga.

During a night on shore Amber is captured by a gang of slavers. Held in a cellar prior to being auctioned off on the dark web, Amber escapes thanks to the intervention of Alexei and his team.

Now she knows the truth about Alexei’s work as a vigilante, Amber has a choice to make. Will she write a candid article about him and risk putting Alexei’s life in danger? Or will she work with him to save more lives?

Amber’s respect for the enigmatic Russian soars. Christmas draw closer, and the line between working with Alexei and falling in love with him start to blur. Amber wants it all, but the more Alexei comes to care for her, the more determined he is not to draw Amber into his dangerous life.

When the superyacht docks on the glamorous subtropical island of Isla Celeste, Amber is determined that Alexei will yield to the powerful attraction between them. But Alexei is quickly swallowed up in his other life as a polo player and pushes Amber away.

Their affair might be over, but Amber is still staff, and when the Blood and Thunder team starts to take her for granted, she comes up with her own novel way of bringing them into line. When good food doesn't work, maybe a grenade will…

Only one thing is certain: Christmas is sure to be explosive!

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susan stephens's argentinian billionaire


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Seduced by the Romani chieftain...

Irish horse whisperer Rose Delaney is employed by the Blood and Thunder polo team to work with their ponies as a sports psychologist might work with an athlete. Team member without a heart, or scrap of conscience, Dante Formosa, son of a Romani mother and aristocratic Argentinian father, can see far more pleasurable uses for the stand-up Irish woman.

With no feminine influences in her life, Rose, who grew up on a farm in Ireland with six brothers, is confident she can handle Dante. She works with some of the most challenging horses in the world, and knows no fear... until she's is in danger of losing her heart to the wild Romani with his cold, aristocratic heart.

As sexual heat rages between them, trust grows too and Rose learns that Dante is not only a leading polo player, but a vigilante prepared to risk his life to clean up crimes that traditional law enforcement agencies can't handle.

When dangerous thugs threaten her father's farm in Ireland, Rose turns to Dante for help, but is she prepared to pay his price?

From the sultry heat of Isla Celeste, to Rose's lush green home in Ireland, and on to the wild pampas of Argentina where Dante owns land the size of a small country, they ride hard, fight hard, and love hard, until it's too late for Rose to call her heart back. It's only now she discovers that Dante's double life is not his only secret.


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the sicilian's defiant virgin the sicilian's defiant virgin
The Sicilian's Defiant Virgin
March 2017



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