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Changes ...

I always seem to start my renovations with the garden! I know this is the wrong way around, but I don’t want to miss a planting season.

We haven’t started planting yet and have a blank canvas to work on, which is almost better, but we have removed an ugly unkempt hedge and ramshackle fencing, replacing it with traditional post and rail, with my favourite design of gate, complete with ‘elbow’.

susan stephens susan stephens

Forgive my bling and clutter!

But I think you’ll agree the original en-suite bathroom was badly in need of a facelift. It was like a cold, dank dungeon before and now it’s bright and warm, and I love it.

susan stephens susan stephens

But this is the real reason we chose this location. The house might be a king-sized renovation but the surrounding countryside needs no improvement whatsoever.

susan stephens

Excitingly, I had a long chat with my editor today. With the move it was inevitable that my work slowed right down, but now we have put some exciting plans in place for 2019/20

It’s off to Greece to meet a sexy billionaire in need of a convenient bride first, and then to Spain for Christmas 2019, making my 60th book for Harlequin Presents a sheikh for summer 2020!

I can’t even believe I’m talking about my 60th book for Harlequin Presents!!! It’s been such a wonderful ride with wonderful readers to cheer me on. And who knows, there may be some additional writing surprises slipped in along the way...

Thank you all so much for being here. You’re the absolute best!

With lots of love,
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