I tell myself each year to write off December, because this is the one month of the year when I am completely swept up in family events. And each year without fail, I try to balance family with writing and end up in a tizz.

BTW. Watch out! You never know who might be packing your last-minute shopping this year…

I am hereby officially writing off the rest of December for any form of activity that isn’t connected to gift wrapping, tree decorating, theatre, not once but twice, and endless cooking and baking.

Meanwhile, the dauntless Mr S has provided…yes, you’ve guessed it:


So I have no excuse not to defrost, pre-cook, shop, or whever else the heck I’m supposed to be doing in order to cater for family staying over on different dates, all of whom have healthy appetites.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking where Mr S is concerned: ‘cheeky b***er’. And yes, I occasionally think that too, but as he makes me laugh more than he makes me angry, I’m just leaving him to get on with his annual spreadsheet, because, 1) it keeps him out of my kitchen, and 2) it wouldn’t be Christnas without it.

Do I consult it? What do you think? ?

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well❣️?❣️

From my hearth to yours, all the warmest wishes of the season,

Susan xx

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