Huzzah, I’m back…sort of!

Having stretched my birthday over two weeks, I am now, finally back to writing- and with a touch of realism to add to my generally upbeat posts: sometimes, the book doesn’t write itself – Ah, if only… if it only would, I could recline on a chaise longue and sip Mother’s Ruin all day…


Actually, that’s not a bad idea –

This tongue-tickling tipple is a tasty mix of raspberry infused Manchester Gin on the rocks, with frozen raspberries, pieces of lime, and a splash of tonic – and very nice it is too – though I’m not drinking it now, as I need a clear head to write to you.

And it doesn’t answer the problem of what to do when I start a book, then decide I should have started it somewhere else, and then have to assemble all the crucial plot elements and emotional development issues, so I can reassemble them in this latest incarnation of my story.

Aaaargh! Yes. I have those days too – when instead of improving my word count I actually lose half my words because I don’t need them in this latest version. It’s frustrating, and worrying, and actually, I want to tear my hair out right now. But I won’t, because I’ve faced this wall before, and I know that if I take it carefully I’ll get over it and move on.

The same goes for you. And I don’t advise turning to drink. In fact, I find one of these far more efficacious ?

Courage mew braves! There are words to be written, and we’re going to write them. Even if they’re the right words in the wrong order, wel’ll sort it out. One step at a time and several bars of chocolate later, and we’ll be smiling again!

Here’s to you!

Love Susan xx


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