On your marks, get set…GO!

It’s December! Yippee!!!!!!!!

Let’s go, um, crackers this year – or in my case, more crackers than usual ?,  and put it all out there, whilst sticking to the tinsel rule that there is no such thing as too much at this time of year.  ❣️?❣️

These don’t count as Christmas trees, as they’re basically glorified twigs (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)


The outdoor Nordstrom is up and waiting for its lights and decorations – not quite Trafalgar Square size, but ten foot high is tall enough for me

Four more trees to go – 2 tiny – and two, um, very conservatively sized – at least, that’s my line for Mr S ?

Meanwhile… Love an inglenook

Rudolf arrived, and has declared himself ready for his annual pummelling and flinging and cuddling…

I never forget that for many of us, Christmas is a poignant time. Mr Frog was my last Christmas present from my mother, and now he watches over everything I do all through the year, ready to supervise, scold if necessary, and bring a smile to our faces, as my mother would have done.

Thinking about you, all my friends out there, who are also remembering someone irreplaceable as the holiday season approaches.

Love to you all,Susan xx





2 thoughts on “On your marks, get set…GO!

  1. Great photos, Susan. It all looks gorgeous. Love your “glorified twigs” ?.
    As you say, it can be a poignant time of year for lots of us, me included.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, when the time comes xx

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