Pink to make the boys wink?


It’s  a pink morning!

Pink to make the boys wink? This lingo of its time, was enough to make me, a confirmed tomboy, swear off pink for my teenage years, throughout my twenties- and, I firmly believed at the time, for the rest of my life.

Eeeeuuugh! Make the boys wink, why?

Now I know that a shot of pink – in the sky, or clothing, is an uplifting sight, so I wear what I like, which today happens to be pink! First I pulled out a grey jumper, then thought, please no! Not grey again! Fortunately, Wiggy and the sailor know their mother, and if they buy me a top it’s invariably in a ‘happy’ colour. I should mention my son once took this to extremes with hilarious results.

Sure I don’t need to tell you, he’s the joker in the family!

I love colour; in life, in thought, in writing, and in the pops of colour throughout our home.

May your day be full of colour, vitality, good health and happiness,

Love to all,



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