Proper Preparation Prevents P+++ Poor Performance

Getting the house party ready is fun but tiring as chairs that haven’t seen the light of day since we lived in a cottage have to be carted down from the loft. With their authentic horsehair seats they’ll be going straight back on Monday! We’re too used to what might be modern rubbish to some, but is a heck of a lot more comfortable than these beauties!

I have discovered a fab brass cleaner (restrain your cheers) Called Quickshine Brass Bath – you literally soak your pieces for 5 minutes and that’s your brass cleaning done. I only have a couple of brass pieces that I kept for sentimental reasons – most notably the pestle and mortar which was used to signify Almonds and Raisins, the sweet and the bitterness of life…

Well, I’d better get on as there is baking and cooking to do, but I will try and post some more pics as i go along – and not of brass cleaner, I promise❣️

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Love to you all, Susan xx

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