This weekend I took my own advice and actually unplugged. From writing, at least. Otherwise, it was a hectic weekend with Paddington 2 to see – loved it!

More mince pies to bake. Yum!

??? Christmas presents to buy

Family to enjoy ??????????

And I needed time to recover after having book #55 accepted. I still can’t believe I’ve reached that milestone!  When I was first signed, 5 books seemed unattainable, and it’s only thanks to you, my completely and utterly amazing readers, that I have reached #55

As soon as I have a cover for The Sheikh’s Shock Child you will be the first to see it!

It’s so good to be back writing book #56 after a short and hectic break. I really feel ready and raring to go.

My second Sapphire Sheikh ??? is the story of Tadj and Lucy. Set in a glamorous marina, a superyacht, and a royal palace in London, (where shocking things happen), as well as the sultry and seductive desert of Qalala, I’m taking my H and h on quite an adventure, and one I can’t wait to share with you❣️

Hope you had a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing weekend, and that you are firing on all cylinders as you forge on into the week ahead.

Love to you all,


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