Someone needs your warmth and encouragement today 😃

‘Smile, though your heart is aching’

Wonderful lyrics – and with such meaning. Hearts can be soothed by a smile.  I should know. Off to the dental hygienist today 😉 Having searched the country for someone simpatico, I have settled for – you guessed it – a hygienist who smiles. It’s impossible to sit in The Chair shaking when someone is so upbeat, so good at their job, and so encouraging.

Here’s some inspiration for you!

And if that doesn’t work, try this…

Or this…

Note how happy, enthusiastic and approachable Mills and Boon editors Flo and Megan are * get writing, squad!!

Or even this…

(pulling faces obviously runs in the family!!!)

Wishing you a wonderful smiley day!


Susan xx



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