Surprising fact day


Yep. I did…

I received a detailed rejection letter from Mills & Boon 20 years, yes, 20 years before I was eventually signed. Thinking the length of the letter mirrored the hopelessness of my case, I put my dreams to one side and concentrated on taking my Masters in Music and carried on teaching – all of which was super-great, by the way, even if it did leave one dream in limbo. Thank goodness fate made my path cross with that of the legendary Penny Jordan, who convinced me to try, try again!’

Here’s the actual moment we met. My long-suffering husband had just bought a day with Penny at an after dinner auction in aid of a local hospice at a Pride and Prejudice ball. If I look completely over-awed in this pic, that’s because I was. We did go on to become the closest of friends once we discovered that we were both dog-crazy – I had 3 dogs and Penny had 4. Our jeans had matching dog slobber the next time we met. A match made in dog-crazy-lady heaven 😉

And thanks to Penny’s encouragement, it led to this:

Moral of the story?

Yeah, you know it – ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Have a wonderful week working toward making your dreams come true.

Love to all,

Susan xx



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